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Rubber plastics kneading machine
JianShao detailed:

◇The pressurized kneaders of this series adopt elliptical tangential rotors. The working surfaces of the rotors are coated on with wearable hard alloy by built-up welding method. The internal surfaces of the mixing chamber and the working surfaces of the pressing ram device are all treated with hard chrome plating, which are durable and corrosion proof and have a long service life.
◇The rotors, the mixing chamber and the pressing ram are all structured with circulating channels to realize the circulation of heat transmission mediums. According to different processing requirements, the mixing materials may be heated by hot steam or cooled by cold water.
◇The rotors are supported by rolling bearings, which are easy to maintain and have a long service life.
◇The transmission system adopts a NGW planetary hard-facing-gear speed reducer, which has a compacted structure with higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life.
◇The pressing ram device is driven by pneumatic cylinder to press onto the mixing materials to force them equally mixed so as to increase productive efficiency.
◇The mixing chamber adopts hydraulic driven tilting discharge device. The operation is steady and reliable. It is easy to clean up the chamber and change he color of materials.
◇Both manual and automatic modes are arranged to operate PLC electric control system. It is easy to exchange the modes and reliable to operate the controller.
◇The machine is applicable for plasticating and mixing rubber and plastic, and also applicable for mixing or kneading sticky materials.

◇Model & Specifications                             X(S)N-75/30                    X(S)N-110/30
◇Rotor Type                                                             Elliptical Tangential
◇Total Mixing Volume (L)                            180                                    250
◇Rotating Speed of Drive Rotor (r/min)     30                                     30
◇Rotating Speed Ratio of Rotors               1:1.2                                    1:1.2
◇Ram Pressure on Stocks (MPa)                 0.18-0.24                           0.18-0.23
◇Compressed Air Pressure (MPa)               0.6-0.8                               0.6-0.8
◇Air Consumption (m3/h)                            45                                       60
◇Max. Steam Pressure (MPa)                     0.8                                       0.8
◇Cooling Water Pressure (MPa)                 0.3-0.4                                 0.3-0.4
◇Water Consumption (m3/h)                      11                                          15
◇Main Motor Power (KW)                           110                                       185
◇Overall Dimension (mm)                           3760                                    4075
                                                                     2143                                     2712
                                                                     3135                                    3580
◇Weight (KG)                                             10000                                  14500

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