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Conveyor belt production line 1600*10000*2
JianShao detailed:

◎The main machine is adopt for moden frame structures. The platen and plunger are all made of superior material, they are accuracy processed operation, easy-adjustment.
◎The PLC control system can realize multi-program automatic control synchronous axis under the platform, this will improve the control level and provide with high efficiency of production and low intensity of labor.
◎Conveyor belt vulcanizing press machine are adapted to ordinary rubber conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, PVG belt and other conveyor belt of textile construction.


◎Type XLB-1600×10000×2
◎Plate Size (m)  1.6×10
◎Mould Clamping Force (MN) 56.00
◎Unit Area Pressure of Hot Plate (Mpa) 3.5
◎Diameter of Piston (mm) 450
◎Number of Cylinder 18
◎Stroke of Piston (mm) 400
◎Clamping force (MN) 1.20
◎Tensioning force (MN) 1.10
◎Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.63
◎Pressure of Cooling Water (Mpa) 0.3
◎Method of Control PLC
◎Overall size (L×W×H)(mm) 10000×2400×3580



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